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Find all information on how to best utilize the online event platform

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The online event platform

Our online event platform has been re-designed to give you a more valuable event experience. You can now get a head start on the event by connecting with your target audience in advance and showcasing your products to potential buyers. 

We know that navigating a new platform can be difficult. This guide will help you to make the most of what it can offer. Read on to find out how to: 

- Represent your company through your online profile. 
- Showcase your products to potential buyers. 
- Engage with valuable contacts by connecting, messaging or setting up meetings. 
- Capture real-time leads that will maximise your company’s ROI. 

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Update your company profile

Make sure your company gets the exposure it deserves. Create a full profile and get found by attendees.

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Update your personal profile

Aside from your company profile it is important to update your personal profile as well. Let your new partners know who you are.

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Update your Products

Ensure your products are up to date and ready to be traded. Give attendees a taste of what you can offer.

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Full guide 

To find out more information regarding the platform, please download the full guide below

Download the guide

Invite your customers with FREE marketing materials

Log in to the exhibitor portal and go over to the feathr tab!

Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find most of our frequently asked questions but we also have a team of customer service professionals who can help you. Please do take a look at the information below before reaching out to our Customer Service team. They aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours with the answer you need. You'll find their contact information at the bottom of this page.


The Attendee List will go live on March 16th. You can view the attendee list from your dashboard. From this point, you will be able to contact attendees and arrange meetings either online or in-person.

Yes! 24 hours after the live sessions took place you will be able to find the sessions on the platform for you to view on demand.

If you would like to message an attendee, you can either click on their profile, or click on the * on their contact card to see the messaging option.

To send a meeting invite, you can either click on their profile, or click on the calendar icon on their contact card to see the messaging option.

Yes, you can go to an exhibitor's company profile and send a message directly to the company, or select a team member to send a message to.

You can send an unlimited number of meeting requests, but we encourage you to monitor how many you send, and to keep track of how many responses you receive.

You can upload up to 50 products. The Admin Team Member can add products directly within your company’s profile.

Yes, you will be able to see who has viewed your profile in your dashboard. If you are the Admin Team Memeber, you will also be able to see who has visited your company profile as well as your personal one. 

Log in to the exhibitor portal and click on "register for badges". Then enter each person's information. For more information please refer to the "how to register" section on your dashboard

At any time, you can switch between your company and personal profile. Click on the top right corner where you can see your profile picture/company logo to toggle between both.

In your profile, you can view your calendar. You then have the option to block out the times you are unavailable. 

There is an invite link on the top right corner of your confirmed meeting. Copy this link and send this to your colleague.

The virtual event will run daily from 07:00 – 22:00 EST. You do not need to be available for the whole duration, this is to cater for the various time zones of attendees. Please make sure to update your agenda with the times that you are available.

Yes, to reset your password, click on the text to reset on the login pop up window.

Please contact our customer services team, and they will be happy to help. You can reach us on Phone: +31 20 245 5355 or through e-mail: cphiexhibitor@informa.com

Yes, please go into your personal profile and click on settings. There you will be able to turn on/off notifications.

You can update your personal profile under the Profile tab in the top right hand corner. There you can update your profile information & contact details​, and add a profile picture to be easily recognised.

As an Admin Team Member, you can edit your company profile and products page. Go to your Company Profile in the top right hand corner, and once you click on Edit Profile, you can add your company logo, company desciption, company contact details and add products.

You can only do this as an Admin Team Member. Go to the Company Profile and there you can edit these details. To change company name, please contact our Customer Service team.

To delete team members please contact our Customer Service team.

As an Admin Team Member, you can add products. Click on Products from your Company Profile view. From there you can easily add products.

For images the supported formats are: PNG, JPG, JPEG, Aspect Ratio 1:1. File size: up to 2MB.
For other files the supported formats are: PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, MP3, BMP, JPG, PNG. File size: up to 10MB

CPhI Online is an online directory that runs throughout the whole year. The Online Event Platform is specifc to CPHI North America and will run March 16th - May 12th, 2023.

Yes, we will have representatives onsite at the registration area sat behind the 'App and Lead Retrieval assistance' desks.

The app will be available to download on April 4th.

When you view the Attendee List, you can use the filters to best find who you want to contact and meet.​

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